Get Tech Support for your business.

Get attractive priced services in tech support, hardware maintenance,
repairs, software & web development, web design and networking.

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Tech Support

Instalation & maintenance of PC, virus removal, data backup, hardware repair and recycling junk electronics.With 12 years experience in the repair business,who better to service your computer than BlueTeam.

Web Development

Get an all inclusive package, with domain registration, hosting services, web design & backend development. We also cater for CMS like wordpress too.


With demand of internet services in residential areas, Bluemoon offers unique networking service package to apartment/flats. Bluemoon also caters to Business and Home who need servicing or installation.


Get the best priced ExUK & New PC Desktops and Laptops, PC parts, Networking hardware, Assembled Gaming PC.Bluemoon caters to S.M.E Business, Schools, Individual Clients delivers all over Kenya.